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Walking three_CD Cover.jpg

Walking three

Rolf Häsler Quartet

Rolf Häsler (tenor/sopran Sax)

Jérôme de Carli (piano)

Giorgios Antoniou (bass)

Peter Horisberger (drums)


1. And that I am so in love (H.Ousley)

2. Lexington Avenue (R. Häsler)

3. Walking three (R.Häsler)

4. Not there (R.Häsler)

5. Early November (R.Häsler)

6. Search for Hope ( Carli)

7. Never let me go (Livingston/Evans)

8. Easy to love (C.Porter)

9. I’m getting sentimental over you (Washington)

10. Waltz ’n’ you (R.Häsler)


Recorded 8. & 9. April, 2003

at Castle Studio, Fribourg, Switzerland

Brambus Record, Switzerland

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