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The Good Live

Martin Dahanukar/Jérôme De Carli Quartet

Martin Dahanukar (trumpet)

Jérôme de Carli (piano)

Sam Joss (bass)

Willy Kotoun  (percussion)

1.  My funny Valentine (Rodgers/Hart)

2.  Ah-Leu-Ah (C. Parker)

3.  Felicidade (A. C. Jobim)

4.  The Good Life (S. Distel)

5.  Comes Love (Brown/Tobias)

6.  I Love you Porgy  (G. Gershwin)

7.  Conga Blues (M. Dahanukar)

8.  Soul eyes (M. Waldron)

Recorded at the Radio Studio DRS 2,

Zürich Switzerland by Peter Bürli

on April 28, 2006

Produced for TCB, Montreux Jazz Label

03 Felicidade
04 The Good Life
06 I Loves You Porgy
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