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On the Move

Steamboat Rats Jazz Band

Rolf Häsler (tenor/sopran Sax)

Sandro Häsler (trumpet/flügelhorn)

Vincent Lachat (trombone)

Jérôme de Carli (piano)

Giorgios Antoniou (bass)

Pius Holzer (vocal/drums)


1. Big butter and egg man (L.Armstrong)

2. Bugle call rag (Pettis/Meyers)

3. What a wonderful world (George D. Weiss)

4. Southside Samba (B.Carter)

5. Creole love call (D.Ellington)

6. Broadway (Woode/Bird)

7. New York, New York (Egg/Kander)

8. King Porter Stomp (J.R.Morton)

9. I can’t give you anything (J.McHugh)

10. Tin Roof Blues (W.Melrose)

11. The Preacher (H.Silver)

12. What about this one ( Carli)

13. Mood Indigo (Ellington/Mills)

14. Strike up the Band (G.Gershwin)


Recorded 3. - 7. January, 2002

at Castle Studio, Fribourg, Switzerland

Jazz Elite, Turicaphon AG, Riedikon/Zürich Switzerland

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