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Jazz Poet Quintet feat:
The Two Steve’s

Jérôme de Carli (piano)

Giorgios Antoniou (bass)

Steve Brown (drums)

Steve Fishwick (trumpet)

Rolf Häsler (tenor Sax)


1. Cup Bearers (Tom Mcintosh)

2. Not there (R. Häsler)

3. Search for hope (J. de Carli)

4. I am glad there’s you (J.Dorsey)

5. Remember (I. Berlin)

6. With Malice Towards None (Tom McIntosh)

7. And that I am so in love (H. Ousley)

8. I’ve never been in love before (F. Loesser)

9. Soul eyes (M. Waldron)

10. Walk on (H. Silver)

11. Spring can really hang you up the most (T. Wolf)

12. Lexington Avenue (R. Häsler)


Recorded LIVE at the Hotel Mattenhof 

15. May 2009, Interlaken, Switzerland

03 Search for Hope
04 With Malice Towards None
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