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All the way

The Sinatra Tribute Band

Sandro Häsler (trumpet/flügelhorn)

Max ”Scat” Neissendorfer (vocal)

Rolf Häsler (alto/sopran Sax)

Vincent Lachat (trombone)

Reto Anneler (altosax)

Jérôme de Carli (piano)

Giorgios Antoniou (bass)

Daniel ”Booxy” Aebi (drums)

1. All of you (C.Porter)

2. More (R.Ortolani/N.Olivero)

3. I concentrate on you (C.Porter)

4. Teach me tonight (G.dePaul/S.Cahn)

5. Without a song (V. Youmans)

6. Pennies from heaven (Johnston/Burke)

7. Move (D. Best)

8. Where or when (Rodgers/Hart)

9. Cute (N.Heafti)

10. Sinatra Medley (Rodgers/Hart)

11. Basin street Blues (S.Williams)

12. Sweet Lorraine (C.Burwell)

13. Looking at the world to rose colored glasses


14. All the way (J.van Heusen)

15. Sing Sing Sing (L.Prima)

16. Learning the Blues (D.Vicki)

17. Willow weep for me (A.Ronell)

Recorded at the Kunsthalle 2010

Interlaken, Switzerland

Qualitymusic Production Bern, Switzerland

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