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06 I Loves You PorgyJérôme De Carli
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Blue Gardenia

Jérôme de Carli Trio

Jérôme de Carli (piano)

Thomas Dürst (bass)

Slawek Plizga (guitar)


1. That’s my Girl (Ellington/Tobias

2. Straighten up and fly Right (Nat Cole)

3. Sweet Lorraine (Burwell/Parish)

4. The Geek (Nat Cole)

5. Oh, Kickeroonie (Kickenson/Nat Cole)

6. I’m an Errand Boy of Rhythm (Nat Cole)

7. It is better to be by Yourself (Nat Cole/Levinson)

8. Come to Baby, do (James/Miller)

9. I was a little too lonely (Livingston/Evans)

10. Hit that Jive Jack (Alston/Campbell)

11. ’Tis Autumn (H. Nemo)

12. When I take my Sugar to Tea (Kahal/Norman)

13. Blue Gardenia (Russell/Lee)

14. The Frim Fram Sauce (Ricardel/Evans)

15. No moon at all (Evans/Mann)


Recorded 11, 12 & 13. October, 2018

at AVUA Studio Bern, Switzerland

Selfproducion, Switzerland

05 Oh, KickeroonieArtist Name
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04 The GeekArtist Name
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